Apple or Pear Sauce with Oat Cream

September 3, 2018by Marlene
Apple or Pear Sauce with Oat Cream


  • 4 organic apples
  • 4 organic pears
  • Pinch of sea salt


  1. Wash and peel the fruit, remove the cores and slice them into bite size chunks.Place the fruit in a pot with a little water or apple juice and add a pinch of sea salt. Simmer covered on a very low heat until the fruit is soft. Either mash with a potato masher or blend to a cream in an upright blender or use a stick blender. Serve in a martini glass and top with some oat cream if desired. Garnish with a fresh blueberry.


Use the fruit together or use them separately. We adore applesauce and it’s a daily staple in our house. I always have this tasty dessert in glass jars in the fridge and it’s super for taking the edge of any sugar cravings.Pears are a high-fibre, low calorie snack, and they contain twice as much fibre as apples. Slice into salads, roast or bake whole for dessert.



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