Macrobiotic & Vegan Health Counselling

Health Counselling & Food Coaching Service with International Authors & Health Counsellors Bill and Marlene

Personal Health Consultations – Restore Harmony & Balance

An unhealthy diet sets in motion a downward spiral of physical deterioration that leads to many illnesses including cancer.   Eating well today means eating a MACROVegan whole foods plant based diet, there is no question about that. For a lifetime of health, you must eat food as it grows in its natural form.

Are you suffering from a host of degenerative diseases? Do you need help getting started, or clarification on just what it takes to eat well as part of your healthy lifestyle?

Book a health consultation in person or via Skype with us and learn about ‘diet and the development of disease’. Food can do what the medical profession can’t. What lies at the end of your fork creates health or disease.

We have decades of experience counselling and coaching thousands of clients and students in their recovery from persistent health problems. We have worked independently and in clinical situations in many countries.

Working one-on-one is highly rewarding and can be exceptionally helpful for those who are highly motivated to make significant improvements in their health.

Marlene is a graduate of the Cornell University T. Colin Campbell Plant-Based Nutrition Course and has forty years’ experience helping her clients achieve and maintain improved health. Bill has been counselling clients for over fifty years and was the very first person given the title Senior Macrobiotic Counsellor by the Kushi Institute Review Board.

While we meet with people in person in Ireland, much of our work is now done via Skype. This allows us to help people worldwide and still create a personal relationship with clients.  If you are just starting to change your diet and improve your health or feel stuck in your health practice and need individual attention to move to the next level of practice, please contact us and book a session.


If you decide that you would like to have a consultation with either of us simply email us to get started. You will be sent a client background and health history form to complete and return.


An appointment will be made for your Skype call. The conversation will focus on your health, your goals and your lifestyle. Calls vary in length but usually take between an hour and an hour and a half. Together we will create a strategy for you to regain your health and achieve your goals.


Within two days of your consultation, you will receive the assessment notes and a detailed Health Plan. This programme will include diet and lifestyle suggestions designed to meet your personal needs.


Once you have had an opportunity to review your programme we will schedule a call to answer any questions you have regarding your plan.


You will have two follow-up sessions; in the six weeks following your original session.  You will work with us to decide on the schedule for these calls.  The purpose of these sessions will be to answer questions, discuss your progress, refine your programme if needed.


If you don’t use Skype, you can still book a session. Simply contact us directly and we will send you your health history form.  You will then return it to us with a recent photo. We will send you a list of specific questions to answer and we will proceed via email.

Consultation Cost: €250

We look forward to being of service. To give the gift of health is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work.

Bill and Marlene

In Service For A Healthy World For Humans & Non-Humans Alike.


“Marlene has been my Macrobiotic Counsellor for many years advising me on many aspects of health to keep me in tip-top condition. Whilst she was living and teaching in Spain she trained my chef to cook the most healthy and delicious plant-based food. I love her zest for life and Joie de vie spirit. Her work is inspirational to all who meet her and I highly recommend not only a consultation with her but a copy of Macrobiotics for all Seasons for every home.” She wants to change the world; she will do it. HRH Princess Beatriz von Hohenlohe

“Through Marlene and Bill’s knowledge and passion for health, nutrition and life-philosophy, I could gather the tools which allowed me to steer in a new and positive direction, by giving me the underlying information to start a life long journey, for which I am very grateful. Their contribution lies not only in the teaching but in the inspiration to continue.” Count Enrico Marone Cinzano – Entrepreneur, New York.

Bill and Marlene’s key to success with health counselling lies in their integrity and the power and conviction of their spoken word. They want everyone to succeed; it’s as simple as that. Their passion is infectious. They do not make promises that they cannot deliver and are supportive of everyone’s goals. It is fantastic that anyone world-wide can benefit from their decades of experience and adapt their sense and sensibility approach into their lives. I am on target to lose my excess weight with the first 16lbs already gone, my sciatica has disappeared, I am sleeping better, no more migraines and my skin has cleared up. Derek Young, Business Development, U.K.

Marlene is an outstanding teacher of oriental medicine. Having a health consultation with Marlene changed my life. Through her guidance in bodywork, cooking lessons and presenting educational women’s programmes I have learned so much about health. The food is delicious as well as being healing and healthy. Princess Beatrice D’Orleans, Paris

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