Macrovegan Centre

MACROVegan Centre

The MACROVegan Centre is where we are teaching, learning and experiencing the power of health and healing.  This is where we apply the practice and principles of natural process – merging ancient wisdom, modern knowledge and common sense.

Our rustic centre is just outside of the village of Oranmore, close by an inlet of Galway Bay on Irelands rugged and beautiful West Coast. We are a short drive from the cultural hub of Galway, the beauty of Connemara National Park and the rugged Cliffs of Moher and The Burren.

The beauty of the landscape and the salt breezes off the Atlantic provide a peaceful environment that balances our focused learning programs and provides ample opportunities to reflect on our place in nature.

What if you could eat in a way that did not demand the killing of animals? You can.

Much of modern nutritional theory was based on faulty knowledge and cultural myth. It has been clearly proven that humanity has no need of meat, fish, dairy or eggs. The only rationale for the use of these is pleasure, a poor excuse for the confinement and killing of sentient beings. There is a life-affirming benefit from living without harming. We can show you how.


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