Building Our Vision of MACROVegan In The World

February 8, 2017by Bill

Building Our Vision of MACROVegan In The World

February 8, 2017by Bill

MACROVegan ChitChat from Marlene

When your desire is great,  you cannot fail to achieve the ultimate in the end.  So, I have been reminding myself to be patient, no mean feat let me tell you. Persistence, perseverance and simply believing you will get there no matter how many setbacks you have along the way is paramount. This has been fundamental to us as we moved from country to country deciding on where that ‘place’ would be that would become home to our MACROVegan centre.

Well, here we are, ensconced in the beauty of Surrey, working towards launching our MACROVegan Centre. When clients continue to respond in such a positive way and achieve incredible results renewing their health, it continually pushes us to offer our work on a much larger scale. We will offer many of our diverse programmes as well as healthy holiday breaks immersed in our Ultimate Health Experience programmes. It’s very exciting to be embarking on this project.

Become a Health Coach with MACROVegan and disease-proof your family

What’s News from Bill

Bill has been working on his online nutritional course ‘Eating As If Life Matters’ that is based on his work of fifty years teaching Health, Nutrition, & Human Ecology. There will be ten fabulous modules with video presentations, the book which has over 300 research studies as well as tutorials, recipes and so much more come packaged together with webinars and a student forum page. The course is available by end May, beginning of June.

Enjoy the spring weather and use one of my teas from my book Macrobiotics for all Seasons to cleanse your liver from the heavier diet of winter.

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