Private Vegan Cooking Classes in Surrey & Greater London

February 26, 2018by Marlene

Private Vegan Cooking Classes in Surrey & Greater London

February 26, 2018by Marlene

Private Vegan Cooking Classes in Surrey & Greater London Macrobiotics – Vegan – Plant-Based

Invite me to your kitchen to design your menu, cook your food, prepare your medicinal teas and get you on the path to good health.

Private Vegan & Macrobiotic Chef & Cooking Teacher
Marlene Watson-Tara

Healthy food doesn’t need to be boring or tasteless. Learn to prepare beautifully presented and delicious healthy meals using fresh, natural ingredients. My introductory whole food plant-based cooking and nutrition classes are designed for people who would like to cook healthy wholefood dishes for themselves and their families.

I am an international author, Macrobiotic teacher, chef and health counsellor and a graduate in plant-based nutrition. I have spent the last decade teaching and cooking for private clients in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Switzerland as well as training students and chefs the art and skill of macrobiotic and vegan cooking and counselling. My classes are educational, fun and skill oriented.

Health Counselling and dietary recommendations are also available in combination with your cooking sessions.

Be good to yourself and the planet! Learn how tasteful, invigorating and fun healthy gourmet plant-based cooking can be! I am hailed as a teacher of inspiring vegan cooking classes that help participants understand the relationship between food and health and contribute to positive lifestyle changes.

vegan recipesDuring each of my classes, you will learn to fashion delightful dinners and lunches using my unique fusion of European, Mediterranean, and Japanese Cooking styles. You will also learn knife skills, cutting styles and cooking dishes for the seasons. My wealth of knowledge spans four decades of teaching.


Be ahead of the curve and #govegan for humans and non-humans alike. As a healthy vegan for many decades, avoiding many of the processed junk foods that many vegans eat is the key to success. I will put you on the right path to health with my educational classes and cooking sessions.  

Check out our MACROVegan TV Channel here where you will find many of my friends and colleagues. All of them share their decades of research to help guide you towards a life free of disease. 

Please contact me for costs and availability.

I look forward to meeting you all soon.

In good health




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