Sprouting Seeds & Beans

April 22, 2018by Marlene

Sprouting Seeds & Beans

April 22, 2018by Marlene

Eating bio-sprouts and Microgreens brings a powerhouse of nutrients to your dinner plate.  Microgreens are simply greens, lettuces, and herbs that are harvested when they are quite young, generally when they are approximately an inch tall.

I receive many enquiries from people asking me how to grow their own Microgreens. My sprouting class is literally bursting at the seams with information and demonstrations, so register now for the July workshop here.  You will learn to sprout, to cook and understand the dynamics of creating strong blood. This in turn will give you good health.

Basically, you can grow any lettuce, salad green, or herb as a microgreen. It’s easy to start with a pre-packaged seed mix, and you can look for specific micro green mixes, or simply choose a mesclun mix to grow as microgreens. However for this blog I will focus more on sprouting. So easy to do, and readily affordable for everyone.  My lentil sprouts below took only 4 days to be ready.  In a strainer, wash the lentils with fresh water, add to the sprouter and rinse twice a day.  I normally do this in the morning at breakfast then in the evening after dinner.



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