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September 13, 2018

The Macrobiotic Vegan Human Ecology Diet Over the past decade’s nutritional studies have shifted away from whole foods and toward the individual components of food. While that is an interesting study, it has really not informed the debate as to what a healthy diet looks like. What foods do we need in order to get the proper balance of nutrients? It turns out that the answer is not a mystery.

January 18, 2015

Seasonal cycles, shifts in the weather, and even the move from night into day are not external artefacts. The environment is in constant flux, and we are in flux with it. In the animal kingdom this shows in cycles of fertility, migration and many aspects of behaviour. These shifts in the environment have influenced human activities, physical and cultural, for millions of years.  Our bodies still dance to the rhythm of natural change.  Macrobiotics is built around the simple insight that learning to cooperate to natural cycles is productive of health. It is a plant-based diet, with non-perishable foods such as whole grains and beans at the foundation that are the hope for the future.


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