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Christina-PirelloI have known Marlene for some time now and her passion for health and wellness is matched only by her knowledge. Her book Macrobiotics for all Seasons is a must-read for anyone concerned with maintaining, regaining or achieving robust health…so that means everyone! Simple, clear and filled with great information, conveyed with Marlene’s great compassion, style and humour, you will find yourself using this book all the time.

Christina Pirello
Emmy award winning host of ‘Christina Cooks’ & bestselling author

verne-varonaMarlene’s expertise and unique teaching style is only exceeded by her charm and passionate dedication. Her practical courses offer a comprehensive view of body, mind and spirit information that will help you refine your understanding, inspire deeper commitment or get the necessary support if you’re on a healing path.

Verne Varona
Speaker & Author, Nature’s Cancer-Fighting Foods and Macrobiotics for Dummies

michael-rossoffMarlene has the unique combination of knowledge, enthusiasm, clarity and friendliness that attracts attention and can take you deeper in your understanding just from studying with her. She can do this because she brings you into her family-of-friends and immediately you sense that she is your advocate and supporter. It is always best to learn from those who have gone ahead, yet gladly willing to walk beside you, that is Marlene.

Michael Rossoff, L.Ac.
Acupuncturist, Macrobiotic Counselor, Oriental Medicine & Macrobiotic Teacher

Roberto-Carlos-Solis-CariniMarlene has been a sister to me and a great teacher. She is able to convey her love of nature and improve the quality of life of anyone through her teachings.

Dr. Roberto Carini, PhD.
Chinese & Alternative Medicine, Acupuncturist, Psychologist

simon-brownMarlene is an energetic, clear communicator with a wealth of practical weight loss advice that is backed up by science and works. Her courses are well structured, organised and easy to follow. Marlene’s progressive one step at a time approach is what makes weight loss a reality. I highly recommended Weight Loss Nature’s Way.

Simon Brown
Author, Modern Day Macrobiotics and Macrobiotics For Life

Francisco-VaratojoWe are facing tremendous challenges of many kinds, biological, social and environmental, to name the most pressing. Marlene’s work is in line with the latest research on health and weight issues. For those of you implementing Weight Loss Nature’s Way into your life it is very likely that you will change it forever. This course is packed with fantastic educational tutorials and enjoyable cooking classes.

Chico Varatojo – Founder, Macrobiotic Institute, Portugal

Dr.-Lisa-SunI have known Marlene Watson-Tara for years and have taught on her course, The Natural Woman. Marlene is such a kind, passionate and wise soul. Over the years that Marlene has been working with her concept Weight Loss Nature’s Way she has received wonderful feedback and results. Her fantastic idea is simple, safe and powerful. Work with it, you will reduce weight and achieve better health.

Dr. Lisa Yun Sun – PhD, CMIR

Dr.-MartinRarely have I met a teacher like Marlene. Despite her age she has the enthusiasm and energy of a youngster. Her life experience, humor and compassion lead you with ease towards a healthier and more satisfying life. Cooking is not a bore for her, and her ideas for quick and healthy meals show she understands the modern woman and how little time there is. She is a successful businesswoman, yet also knows the importance of health in life.

Mieke Vervecken-Pieters
Director of De Natuurlijke Kookschool, Belgium

Dr.-MartinI recommend Marlene’s Weight Loss Nature’s Way Programme as nothing short of wonderful. This course is not only aimed at weight loss but addresses all aspects of health that will bring the body back into balance. This in turn will increase vitality and reduce nutritional stress. Weight Loss Nature’s Way is a sustainable and easy to follow course no matter where you live in the world.

Dr. Martin Innes – G.P.

Eunice-GaileyI have known Marlene for 20 years. Her work is as infectious as her shining personality and passion for health. I would highly recommend Marlene’s Weight Loss Nature’s Way programme to get your body back on top form. The ten modules consist of short cooking classes, education tutorials, health bonus tips and a 10 minute exercise video. You have it all with this course.

Eunice Gailey – Physiotherapist MCSP and Member of HPC

Dr.-VijayWeight Loss Nature’s Way is such a wonderful concept we should all take it on board. Marlene has created such a straightforward and easy to follow programme that works. Her teaching has introduced a fantastic and simple way to safeguard your health while reducing your weight.

Dr. Vijay Sonthalia – G.P.

Tracy-CaseMarlene is without a doubt the most incredible force of nature I have ever known. You feel more ‘alive’ just by knowing her. Her excitement, enthusiasm and passion for the love of her work is infectious. Her eyes light up when she shares her mission and vision for the world. I do believe that her vision for Weight Loss Nature’s Way will change many lives in more ways than one, while, at the same time reducing animal cruelty and helping the environment.

Tracy Case – West Yorkshire Business Services Consultant

peter-symonsAn impromptu meeting with Marlene in my hometown Perth, Australia, catalyzed a complete change in my career and lifestyle. With her infectious energy, her simple, clear and hard hitting message, she won my trust completely and I began living healthy ever since. I have built up a successful wellness business with her wonderful support across the miles. Marlene’s greatest testimonial is Marlene herself!

Peter Symons
Successful Health & Wellness Business Owner

Bill’s experience in all aspects of the health & wellness industry has proved invaluable to me and everyone I have been able to connect with him. We owe him a debt of gratitude for his advice and influence. Long may the words of wit and wisdom continue.

Joyce Webber
Director – Balanced World Limited

peter-symonsI met Bill Tara 20 years ago when I was making a lifestyle change. Through his teaching and mentoring I became a teacher myself and through his continued counsel and friendship found my own voice and the way to speak my own truth. It has served me well in my life. Bill changed the way I see the world and for that I have the deepest love and gratitude for him. No one should miss the opportunity to experience study with him.

Christina Pirello
Cookbook author and Emmy Award winner – Cookbook author

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Marlene has been my Macrobiotic Counsellor for many years advising me on many aspects of health to keep me in tip-top condition. Whilst she was living and teaching in Spain she trained my chef to cook the most healthy and delicious plant based food. I love her zest for life and joie de vie spirit. Her work is inspirational to all who meet her and I highly recommend a copy of Macrobiotics for all Seasons for every home

HRH Princess Beatriz von Hohenlohe

Through Marlene’s knowledge and passion for health, nutrition and life-philosophy, I was able to gather the tools which allowed me to steer in a new and positive direction, by giving me the underlying information to start a life long journey, for which I am very grateful. Her contribution lies not only in the teaching but in the inspiration to continue.

Count Enrico Marone Cinzano – Entrepreneur, New York.

Marlene’s key to success with health counselling lies in her integrity and the power and conviction of her spoken word. She wants everyone to succeed; it’s as simple as that. Her passion is infectious. She does not make promises that she cannot deliver and is supportive of everyone’s goals. It is fantastic that anyone world wide can benefit from her decades of experience and adapt her sense and sensibility approach into their lives. I am on target to lose my excess weight with the first 16lbs already gone, my sciatica has disappeared, I am sleeping better, no more migraines and my skin has cleared up.

Derek Young, Business Development, U.K.

Marlene’s cooking classes changed my life and that of my family. The food is delicious and easy to make. She is such a genuinely wonderful authentic and amazing lady with an infectious enthusiasm and great depth of knowledge, if only she were the ‘health minister’ we’d be closing hospitals for the right reasons!!

I have been telling everyone how you have helped me reduce the size of the cancer “spot” in my breast by the latest measurements this week of 80% (please feel free to tell other clients how what you do really does work even my consultant agreed it’s my diet that has made the amazing difference).

Thank you for all your help, support and wisdom, without it I know I wouldn’t be in such a balanced place, everyone is shocked how well I look and it’s all down to your counselling and amazing tasting healing food. You are a gift to the world Marlene and I would encourage all to study with you and not wait until they have a diagnosis of, as you quite rightly put it non-communicable diseases.

Elizabeth – West Yorkshire


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