Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

Knowledge Is Power

‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world’
Nelson Mandela

As a child I adored Nelson Mandela. In my decades of teaching, I have used his saying to remind me that when we focus on problems we will have more problems. But, when we focus on possibilities we have more opportunities hence my relenting chant about food and health for humans and non-humans alike. I am in service for a healthy world for all who live here, that’s my mission.

The topic of nutrition has become a bewildering landscape of cultural myth and vested interest. There is an urgent need for a new approach to human diet, one that cuts through the commercial PR, the political caution and the nutritional confusion.

The MACROVeganapproach to eating addresses these concerns with a fusion of two important doctrines. The first of these is the ecological insights of ancient Asian healthcare found in macrobiotic studies. This tradition points to the benefits of seasonal, regional and ecologically sustainable nutrition.

The second set of standards come from the ethics of the modern vegan approach to eating that drives the leading edge of contemporary nutritional science proven by both medical study and extensive epidemiological research.
The MACROVeganway of eating addresses the requirements for vibrant health as well as a delicious, diverse and socially responsible way of eating.

Never in modern history has there been such an interest in food and at the same time, such a lack of confidence in the basic quality of food, and more to the point ‘what is actually in the food’.I like to think of myself as an ‘information broker’ and share what I learn in the hope that those who read what I write pass it on because ‘Knowledge is Power’.  

Bill and I have been very fortunate over the decades to have developed the gift of knowing how to take good care of ourselves and others in terms of food and lifestyle. We are not driven by the latest food fad or popular theory but on a solid principled approach that considers both Modern Science, Ancient Wisdom and Human Ecology.

More studies are constantly shared about what you are actually subjecting yourself to by eating animal products, let alone the cruelty that is inflicted upon our animals. It’s important to be on top of what is surfacing here. As a long-time vegan I am an eternal optimist that we can increase the number of people worldwide to switch to a wholefood, plant-based diet and vegan lifestyle.

Healthy Eating

Every major health organization in the world including The World Health Organization and the Food and Agriculture Organizations of the United Nations, The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, The American Heart Association, the American Diabetes Association, and the American Institute for Cancer Research agree that a well-balanced plant-based diet is best for a healthy life. It not only helps in the prevention of disease but often promotes the reversal of serious health problems. It is only individual and social habit that limits positive change.

The personal, social, economic and environmental impact of what we eat should be near the top of the social agenda. The changes that are essential are not part of a passing fad, super foods or superficial “detox” approach to healthy eating. Eating well is not being on a “diet” it is about eating in a way that supports a healthy, responsible and ethical way of eating.
It is our passion and pleasure to offer our clients and students the very best education for a healthy body and mind. As world-class professionals, we draw on science, common sense and ancient wisdom to provide you with practical solutions to healthy living in a comfortable and friendly environment.

The educational and experiential courses that we offer give you a rare opportunity to gain fascinating insights into lifestyle nutrition and mental and emotional well-being.

Our style of teaching is powerful and fun and nourished with delicious modern macrobiotic-vegan meals. You will see why our students agree that we are the premier teachers for macrobiotic and vegan education and personal discovery.
There are endless possibilities to touch the lives of all who cross our path. Over the years Bill and I have had such fun creating a plethora of different workshops, classes and courses and changing the lives of thousands. We are blessed to do what we do.
In good health
Marlene x

Vegan Cooking Classes, Godalming & London

Vegan Cooking Classes,  Godalming & London

The world at large is moving more and more towards a plant-based diet and a vegan way of life. As a long time vegan, this makes my heart sing with joy. The vanguard of modern nutrition agrees that plant-based diets are not only better for our health but are far superior to animal-based diets. My joy is to be able to share my work with so many who come to learn the basics of nutrition and cooking to create a delicious array of dishes. They are in awe of the absolute delicious tastes and variations that they are introduced to at my cooking classes and workshops.

The key to success is using a variety of wholegrain, beans, vegetables from land and sea, seeds, nuts, fruits and delicious condiments such as pickled and pressed vegetables.

Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter Vegan Cooking Classes in London & Surrey with International Author & Teacher Marlene Watson-Tara

I am a health expert with four decades of teaching around the world and offer corporate programmes or one-on-one private health coaching and cooking in your home or mine. During the  lockdown period, I have also been offering these services online and have clients from many countries cooking in their kitchens with me.

As the international author of Macrobiotics for all Seasons I will bring you back to nature’s way of eating. Seeing is believing, the results will astound you. I teach a user-friendly common sense approach to understand food. My classes are fun and informative packed with educational material that is presented in a user-friendly fashion.

  • the fundamentals of eating seasonally and locally
  • understanding the energetic properties of our foods
  • cultivate radiant health
  • learn how to slow the ageing process by understanding the role of telomeres

In the meantime, on our website page you can start enjoying my recipes immediately. My latest book Go Vegan is packed with another 85 recipes each with beautifully illustrated photograph.

I look forward to meeting you and sharing my decades of experience to enhance your health, wellbeing and longevity.

Health is everything, without health, everything is nothing.
In good health

The Revolution In Nutrition

The Revolution In Nutrition

29th March 7.00 - 9.00p.m. Boxgrove Hall, Boxgrove, Chichester
Bill Tara and Marlene Watson-Tara
Nutrition has become a field dominated by confusion as conflicting theories struggle for domination in the popular press.
The interesting fact is that there is very little disagreement regarding healthy nutrition outside of vested interests and the food industry.
Join us in an evening talk and discussion on the mythologies, the science, the common sense and the realities on what constitutes a healthy way of eating both individually, for society and for the planet.
Bill Tara is a food activist, educator and author. He was part of the natural food movement in America in the 1960’s and later focused on setting up health education centres in America and Europe. He has been invited to 22 countries to present seminars on Natural Health Care, Macrobiotics and Environmental issues. He has presented expert testimony to Congressional Committees and served as the head of Natural Therapies at one of Europe’s most prestigious health clinics. He and his wife Marlene have recently moved to Chichester. His latest book, Eating As If All Life Matters, was published this past December.
Marlene Watson-Tara As a dedicated health counsellor and teacher with over 40 years’ experience, Marlene’s dietary advice draws from the fields of Macrobiotic Nutrition, her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine and her certification in Plant- Based Nutrition. Her clients range from the movies and arts to members of royal families. Her vast experience informs a body of knowledge that she eagerly shares with the world. Training chefs or home cooks is one of her passions. She has interviewed most of the world leaders on Plant Based Nutrition on her YouTube series Marlene and Friends.Her next book, Go Vegan, will be published this Spring.
In good health