MACROVegan Vision

The topic of nutrition has become a confusing landscape of cultural myth and vested interest. There is an urgent need for a new approach to the human diet. A modern and holistic approach to nutrition must address not only the physical requirements for vibrant health but also the ethical, environmental and social impact of what we eat. The MACROVegan Vision defines a clear and practical guide for the future of food.

What if you could eat a diet that helped you avoid the most dangerous degenerative diseases?

You can. Studies from around the world and the leading edge of nutritional science has demonstrated that it is possible to reduce degenerative diseases like heart disease, stroke, cancers and diabetes by up to 80%. In many cases these dietary changes can reverse damage already done. We can show you how.

What if you could eat in a way that reduced global warming?

You can. The consumption of a nutritious MACROVegan diet eliminates the disastrous damage done by animal farming. Each year more forest land is cut down in order to grow food to feed to animals and rivers and waterways are polluted by the runoff of animal waste. We can show you how.

What if you can eat food that is both delicious and inexpensive?

You can. Eating a healthy diet can be both delicious, diverse, inexpensive and simple. You don’t need exotic products. You only need to know how to combine healthy foods and develop simple skills to create delicious meals for the whole family. We can show you how.

What if you could avoid using food that exploited the poor?

You can. Many common foods are made available only through exploitation of the poor and in some cases slavery. No one wants to knowingly contribute to this injustice but many are not aware. It is not only possible but easy to avoid this problem. We can show you how.

What if you could eat in a way that did not demand the killing of animals?

You can. Much of modern nutritional theory was based on faulty knowledge and cultural myth. It has been clearly proven that humanity has no need of meat, fish, dairy or eggs. The only rationale for the use of these is pleasure, a poor excuse for the confinement and killing of sentient beings. There is a life affirming benefit from living without harming. We can show you how.