Online Study - MACROVegan  Health Coach Course

Online Study - MACROVegan Health Coach Course

Online Study - MACROVegan  Health Coach Course

Bill and I are excited to launch our MACROVegan Health Coach Course online. It’s our passion and pleasure to offer our students the very best education for a healthy body and mind. As world-class professionals we draw on nutritional science, common sense and ancient wisdom to give you practical solutions to healthy living.  Click on our video link here to find out more

Over the past decade and until COVID-19 struck students came from as many as 27 countries to study with us. Those days have changed. Now, with the creation of our new online course, our two week intensive can be taken in the comfort of your home. There is no start or finish date, you simply work at your own pace. The course is now available for immediate download
And the best part, the online MACROVegan  course is brought to you for £395 instead of £3900. You will see from our online store you can choose to buy the complete course or purchase in sections. You will learn everything from nourishing your cells, boosting your brain energy,  oriental diagnosis, how to cook from scratch, the principles and practice of health coaching and so much more.

Gain fascinating insights into lifestyle, nutrition, and mental and emotional well-being that will allow you to become a beacon of light. Teaching and coaching others how to live a long happy healthy life is the biggest gift we all have to offer. Our course also includes eight hours of online zoom time on a one to one basis with us both. Empowering yourself is the most important thing you can do for your health and that of your family and the world at large.  

Here’s what some of our students have to say:
The Macrobiotic Vegan Health Coach Course with Marlene and Bill was one of the best courses I have ever taken.
With love and gratitude. 
Samali de Tissera, Perth, Western Australia
I consider myself lucky and fortunate that I had the opportunity to study with Marlene & Bill who enriched my life and work by their teachings. 
Shilpa Arora, Nutritionist, New Delhi, India.
Bill and Marlene’s style of teaching is powerful and fun. My heartfelt thanks to both. I feel empowered and immensely inspired to go out and coach and support others to learn about the healing properties of a macrobiotic vegan way of life.
Robert Little, UK
Marlene & Bill are the premier teachers for macrobiotic vegan education and personal discovery.  
Teddi Cassity, USA
I am working my way through the cooking course section. You and Bill are so inspirational. Thank you for your generosity of spirit, in that you share so much knowledge and so much of yourself with your students.
Jacqueline Brook, South Africa
Marlene and Bill’s invaluable experience and vast knowledge is shared openly and abundantly. The help and support each of us participating received relating to specific health issues was beautifully delivered with love and humour.   
Caisa Ruteskog, Sweden

Join us in service for a healthy world for humans and nonhumans alike. We look forward to working with you

In good health


National Burger Day With Go Vegan

National Burger Day With Go Vegan

National Burger Day (27th August) is a day dedicated to the burger. The burger was created sometime around the turn of the 19th century, and its popularity was boosted at the 1904 St. Louis World's Fair.

Traditionally, a burger, also known as a hamburger, consists of a patty of ground beef that has been pan fried, barbecued, or flame broiled, and is served in a bun. There are now many variations, including tasty vegan alternatives, which more people, including athletes and celebrities, are turning to in the desire to live a healthier life.

But changing eating habits does not mean giving up eating your favourite foods: just changing how they are made! My latest book Go Vegan contains lifestyle and health advice together with beautifully illustrated pictures of easy to cook vegan recipes, one of which is my Teriyaki Black Bean Burger. Made from short grain brown rice, and black beans, this is your healthy alternative.

Grains serve as a major source of protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals in a form that is easy to digest and metabolise. They are also complex carbohydrates, or unprocessed forms of carbohydrates which is the way they exist in whole foods and are crucial to a healthy diet. These complex carbohydrates are crucial as a source of fuel for our bodies, required by our nervous system, muscles and kidneys, and provide glucose to all our body cells.

Black beans are an import source of protein, as they are high in amino acids. The basic elements of proteins are amino acids, the building blocks we need to create human protein. There are 8 essential amino acids, which should be present in our diet on a daily basis.

By eating grains and beans together you are assured of getting all the essential amino acids and therefore protein you need. Any “fear” of cooking beans is eliminated now that they are readily available in cans and jars.

So, go ahead and enjoy a burger on National Burger Day, but one that will be good for you, the planet and end the suffering of our animals!

Teriyaki Black Bean Burgers

2 cups cooked black beans or mixed beans

1 cup cooked short-grain brown rice

1 cup silken tofu

2 heaped tbsp mild salsa

1 tbsp umeboshi paste

1 tbsp lime zest

1 red onion, chopped

2–3 garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp ground coriander

1 tsp dried oregano

1 tsp smoked paprika

2 tbsp teriyaki sauce

½ cup fresh coriander, minced

1 cup sourdough breadcrumbs

Oil-free mayonnaise for serving

Note – For kids I suggest using regular paprika – no spices.

To make the burgers

Preheat the oven to 180° (350°), gas 4. Line two baking trays with parchment paper. In a large bowl, mash the beans with a fork or potato masher. Add the cooked rice, tofu, salsa, umeboshi paste and lime zest, and mix well. Warm a splash or two of filtered water in a small pan and sauté the red onion, garlic, dried herbs, paprika and teriyaki for 5–7 minutes.

Add this mixture to the bowl and stir to combine. Fold in the fresh coriander and breadcrumbs. Take a heaped tablespoon of the mixture and squeeze together with your hands to form a burger. If not cohesive enough, add some more breadcrumbs.

Place on the baking trays and cook the burgers in the middle of the oven for 25 minutes, turning once halfway through.

Makes 8 good-sized burgers.


In good health




Flourishing in Late Summer

Flourishing in Late Summer

My teaching of Macrobiotics isn’t about a new fad diet or exercise regime but is based on wisdom that has been around for thousands of years. It is the approach that I have used to help thousands of people reclaim their health. This information has always made such common sense to me, and I hope it will for you too.

My approach to health is one that is firmly based on the relationship of the natural rhythms of the body to the planet we live on. The cycles of nature, the changing of the seasons and the rhythm of our daily life and using that insight to create a healthier and happier way of being. It is also an approach to health and healthy eating that is environmentally sustainable, an aspect that is very important to me. We need this approach now more than ever since we seem to have lost touch with the lessons that nature has to teach us. No matter how much time we spend indoors, protected from the elements in our offices and homes, it is still our relationship with nature that rules our health. It is the natural world that is our home.

Nature Rocks My World

We don’t often hear about late summer as a unique season, but this hasn’t always been the case. In many countries around the world the transition from summer into autumn was seen as a very specific time of year. It was the time after the harvest and extended through September, but in some places only up until the end of August depending on the local weather. It is that time when the first hints of autumn are present, but the leaves have not yet fallen. Nature is undergoing its last burst of growth and the energy of this season corresponds to the nurturing Earth element as taught in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

The Stomach and Spleen resonate with Late Summer's energetic vibration. It is therefore a time for settling in and achieving balance; the dramatic energies of spring and summer are waning, and things are beginning to quiet down. The focus here is on strengthening, stabilizing and getting both feet solidly on the ground.

This is the time of year when “sweet cooking” is recommended. This means that there is more roasting of vegetables so that they caramelize, and the sugars are released. Late fruits, such as pears and apples, are fresh and work well in desserts.

White bean dishes and garbanzo beans (chickpeas) are good choices. In late summer we should be feeling energetic, strong and confident, because rising yin energy has plateaued, relaxed and surrendered to the descending yang energy. It is the time of year when we prepare ourselves for the coming of cooler weather and the winds.

General Considerations

Delight in the flavours of late summer cooking and learn how to create delicious dishes using the fruits and vegetables of the season. Learn how to apply the Eastern wisdom about late summer in your own cooking for optimum health, nourishment and vitality.

There may have been a tendency to eat more sugars in the height of the summer in the form of fruits or desserts, so the pancreas needs to be soothed. There may also have been a tendency to drink more and deplete mineral stores. The focus on sweet-tasting foods containing complex sugars takes the stress off the pancreas and calms the system. Problems with blood sugar can often be improved very simply by adapting a healthier diet.

The biggest culprit is the overconsumption of simple sugars, such as white sugar, fructose, molasses and honey. Many men and women with type II diabetes have recovered completely by establishing the kind of diet I am suggesting here and getting good exercise daily.

Something Like Late Summer

As the energy of this season is nourishing to the stomach, spleen, pancreas and to the immune system, it is a good idea to use the natural sweetness of squash and other sweet vegetables. The immune functions and lymphatic system of the body need activity to operate at peak function. Both pancreatic health and problems with the immune system respond very well to increased levels of exercise. Seaweeds, especially when eaten in miso soup, are also helpful when the immune system is challenged.

Marlene’s Late Summer Tips

Reduce your consumption of raw foods and juices as we head toward the Autumn and Winter months.

  • Do not overeat, as this prevents the stomach from digesting food properly and constant nibbling and eating too fast does not give the stomach enough time to digest food
  • Eating too late at night causes the body to use its Yin Energy
  • Eating on the run or while standing up is not advisable as it can cause the stagnation of stomach energy
  • Under-eating due to strict diets lacking in basic nourishment can weaken the stomach and spleen energy
  • Foods to strengthen the stomach and earth element include millet, sweet potatoes, root vegetables, beans, apricots, apples, chickpeas, cherries, courgettes, dates, grapes, greens, oats, peaches, pears, plums, pumpkin, raspberries, rice, strawberries, and walnuts to name but a few.
  • Nishime Style Vegetables are the perfect foods for this element. Simply water braising chunks of carrots, onions, squash and daikon in their own juices makes for a delicious lunch or dinner.

Along with a wholefood plant-based vegan diet, certain foods can help to cleanse your lymphatic system. These include the herbs, nettle and dandelion, leeks and onions, cabbage and artichoke together with seaweed. Beetroot is another excellent food for building blood as the spleen has an important role to play concerning blood.

Essential Oils

Bitter Orange has an affinity with the spleen and stomach can help to regulate the ‘chi’ where there is stagnation.

Lemon – can help to reduce lymphatic congestion, cellulite and obesity, Clears mental sluggishness and strengthens the intellect and mental faculties. Anti-viral properties allow it to support the immune system. A pancreatic stimulant.

Flower Remedies

Yellow Foxglove – FF15 is referred to as the sugar balance formula and yellow flowers are thought to help balance the pancreas function and the digestive enzymes.

Daisy Orange –can help to balance the stomach and spleen when combined with yellow foxglove.

Marlene’s Recipes
Late Summer Sweet Miso Broth

This basic miso soup should be a daily staple of your diet. It encompasses the use of sea vegetables to mineralize the blood, and a variety of fresh vegetables. The balance of these ingredients creates a strengthening energy, vital to life.

Miso is a fermented soybean paste used to flavour various dishes, but most widely as a stock to season soups. Miso’s natural fermentation process creates a combination of enzymes that strengthen and nourish the intestinal tract. As a result, the blood that nourishes the balance of the body is much stronger. The quality of our blood creates the people we are and the health we possess. Miso has been used for centuries in the Orient as a remedy for cancer, weak digestion, low libido, several types of intestinal infections, high cholesterol, and so much more, and is one of the world’s most medicinal foods.

2 dried shitake mushrooms

1 tsp wakame flakes

1 clove garlic, crushed

4 finely diced spring onions

½ pack silken tofu, cubed

4 rounded tsp sweet white miso paste



Few sprigs parsley

In a soup pot, soak the wakame and shitake mushrooms in two cups of water for 20 minutes. Remove the mushrooms from the water and thinly slice the caps, discarding the stems. Return the mushrooms to the pot and add another 4 cups of filtered water. Bring to a boil and then cook on low simmer for 10 minutes. Add the garlic, spring onions and tofu cubes and cook 10 minutes.  Place the miso paste into a small mesh strainer and lower into the broth, using a spoon stir until the paste is dissolved.  Garnish with chives and parsley.

Tip: do not boil the miso – it has so many living microorganisms living inside which is a wonderful digestive tonic

Caramelized Roasted Sweet Butternut Skewers
Butternut squash tastes so good when you simply toss it with your favourite herbs, some sea salt or roast it with garlic and serve as a delicious side dish. Soups, casseroles, and stews all made with sweet and golden butternut squash are always a winner.

1 large organic butternut squash

½ tsp. sea salt

½ tsp. dried rosemary or thyme

Preheat the oven to 160/320°. Cut the squash in half and remove the seeds. Cut into equal size slices and place in a large bowl. Mix well with the salt and herbs, I prefer to use my hands to do this. Transfer to a parchment lined baking sheet. Make sure the pumpkin pieces do not overlap. Spritz the squash with some water. Bake for 25 minutes and remove from the oven. Turn all the slices over, spritz again with some water and bake on the other side for equal amount of time. The sugars will be released, and the slices will start to caramelize.

Nishime Vegetable Stew
Nishime, or water braising of vegetables, calls for large pieces or chunks of root vegetables cooked over a low heat until they are tender and sweet. The steam generated by this method of cooking allows the vegetables to cook in their own juices, eliminating the need for anything more than just a little added water. A light seasoning towards the end of cooking brings out their full-bodied flavour and natural sweetness.

Vegetables cooked in this manner are quite soft and juicy, giving us a very warming, strengthening energy. This is one of my favourite macrobiotic dishes, which I use with all my clients. This dish has the ability to strengthen the body’s core organs, such as the pancreas and spleen. This enhances the whole digestive system. A great dish for creating vitality and one to be incorporated into your diet over the long term.

A small piece of kombu in the bottom of the pot brings out the sweetness of the vegetables, naturally tenderises them by virtue of its glutamic acid and lightly mineralises the dish, helping to create strong blood.

3-inch (7 cm) piece of kombu seaweed

1 dried shiitake mushroom

¼ cup filtered water

1 small cabbage

1 small butternut squash

1 large carrot

1 red onion

1 white onion


Soak the kombu and shiitake in the water for 15 minutes, then place in a heavy pot. Peel and chop the vegetables into bite-sized pieces and arrange the vegetables in the pot in individual sections. Check there is enough water to just cover the bottom of the pot. Bring to a boil over a medium heat, reduce the heat to low, cover and cook until the vegetables are tender, about 25–40 minutes. Season the vegetables lightly with shoyu and simmer 10 minutes more, until all the liquid has been absorbed by the vegetables. If the water evaporates too quickly during cooking, add a little more and reduce the heat (because it is cooking too quickly). Transfer to a bowl and serve. For variety, use Brussels sprouts, leeks, parsnips, turnips, green cabbage or whatever vegetables are seasonally available. Makes 4–6 servings.

Marlene’s Home Remedies for Late Summer
Sweet Vegetable Tea

This tea is good for relaxing the body and muscles. It is especially beneficial for softening the pancreas and helping to stabilize blood sugar levels. A small cup may be taken daily or every other day in the mid to late afternoon. The tea helps to satisfy the desire for something sweet and reduce cravings for simple sugars and other stronger sweets.

Use equal amounts of four sweet vegetables, finely chopped (e.g. onion, carrot, cabbage and sweet winter squash). Place three to four times as much water in a pan, bring to a boil and add the chopped vegetables. Allow to boil uncovered for up to 3 minutes, then reduce the flame to low, cover and let simmer for 20 minutes. Strain the vegetables from the broth and drink at room temperature.

Late Summer Exercise Sequence
The movement, deeper breathing and heat, generated by certain types of exercise are believed to help cleanse and revitalize the meridian channels, thereby enhancing the flow of ‘chi’ to our organs. To achieve this my Late Summer ChiBall classes use the principles of Tai Chi, Chi Kung and Yoga in dance-like sequences, which vary in pace from being slow and gentle (yin) to being energetic and fast (yang). The focused breathing and repetitive fluid moves aid the release of muscular and emotional tension and dislodge blockages to the flow of our chi.

As the organs function in good health, digestion improves, blood sugar regulates, and overall good health is promoted. Yoga can provide renewal and rejuvenation to the body’s energy centres, and a meditative and mindful practice brings awareness into an inner world and sharpens self-reflection and insight.

Balasana – child’s pose, Supta Baddha Konasana – supine bound angle, Simple Supported Twist and Savasana. The Liver and Spleen sit on the sides of the abdomen, so lateral bending and twisting can activate these meridians. Liver and Spleen energy travels up the inner legs, so hip opening poses like Eka Pada Raja Kapotasana – Pigeon, Baddha Konasana – Bound Angle and Upavista Konasana – Wide Angle Seated Forward Fold activates these meridians.

In good health


Dr. Steven Cangiano - Humanity Upgrade

Dr. Steven Cangiano - Humanity Upgrade

My guest this week on Marlene & Friends is Dr. Steven Cangiano, the President and Co-Founder of RD&T Media along with its online companions; These publications are committed to helping you navigate the age of transformation. In an exponentially expanding world, you need a resource you can depend on and one that will bring predictability to your success.

Dr. Cangiano's love of energy medicine is right up there alongside mine and this new and growing paradigm in the west makes my heart sing. As the Doc explains, humanity is due for an upgrade. Western medicine is concerned with structure, both anatomically and biochemically. Whereas Eastern healing has focused, for 5,000 years, on the basic premise that all of life is energy and information. Combining Western medicine’s approach of anatomy and biochemistry with Eastern medicine’s focus on energy and information is a powerful combination. 

Food is Life

In this interview Dr. Steven Cangiano shares with us all that of the many relationships we have, there is one that everyone is intimately and permanently tied to and that is our relationship with food. One of his many thought provoking questions was how do we expand our life, expand our health, expand our happiness, expand our joy, expand our quality of life in a sustainable way. That is the critical focus on what everybody on the planet should be doing. That is the seminal challenge of humanity right now and I couldn't agree more. 

As a board-certified surgeon Dr. Cangiano published multiple articles in medical journals and spent a total of thirteen years in academic medicine before venturing off into the world of complementary medicine. We are indeed blessed to have him ‘fighting the good fight’ so to speak in the war against obesity and disease. His passion for teaching and leading by example is simply exhilarating.

Finding himself 70lbs overweight he tackled his obesity problem and offers us his wisdom and experience around the advantages and benefits from food that it was never really designed to do.

Food fills a void, it gets rid of boredom, but once we correct the relationship with food it transforms your entire relationship with life. Dr. Cangiano refers to the processed food industry as a hate crime against humanity and sites a recent study showing that heavily processed foods cause overeating and weight gain.  

As we know, obesity is generally caused by consuming more calories, particularly those in fatty and sugary foods, than you burn off through physical activity. The excess energy is stored by the body as fat. This is an increasingly common problem because for many people modern living involves eating excessive amounts of cheap high-calorie food and spending a lot of time sitting down at desks, on sofas or in cars. It's very important to take steps to tackle obesity because, as well as causing obvious physical changes, it can lead to a number of serious and potentially life-threatening conditions. 

Dr. Cangiano's passion and joy de vive spirit is contagious as he shares his life experiences in an engaging conversation with me on the relationship with mindset and food. On RD&T website you will find unlimited free articles and videos on food and nutrition, addiction, mind and spirit, how to create sustainable relationships and so much more. The fundamentals to living a long, happy and healthy life are expressed in countless engaging articles in Dr. Cangiano's Vault and in his latest book The Ultimate Secret. His insights will redefine the entire personal development field and is the next important step in ridding the world of its devastating patterns of conflict. His activities and accomplishments are many and along with his wife Carmen Gonzalez-Cangiano they continue to develop RD&T into the premier source for life and relationship success.

As always, please join Bill and I in service for a healthy world for humans and nonhuman alike. Hydrate, exercise, eat plants, get some sun, spend time in nature and with people who have the same mindset. The world needs you, right now.

In good health


Dr. Doug Lisle - Nutrition, Emotional Stress & Dementia

Dr. Doug Lisle - Nutrition, Emotional Stress & Dementia

In this week's interview on Marlene & Friends, I discuss with the loveable Dr. Doug Lisle, the many topics that plague our society today AND how to break free of eating addictions and disorders. Modern life can turn so many smart, savvy people into the unwitting saboteurs of their own well-being, however, in his last book The Pleasure Trap co-authored with Dr. Alan Goldhamer, you will find the answers you seek to turn your life around. 

Dr. Lisle is well known as one of psychology's most innovative and curious minds. Feeling good is something that we all want more of. Some might call it “happiness” but that is actually too abstract as the Doc will tell you. I am so delighted to share with you all this gifted and wonderful human who is the most incredible psychologist with a warm heart and an incredible sense of humour and Doug will make you feel good, just by being in the room with him.

True North Health

Dr. Lisle has been the clinical psychologist at the True North Health Center for over 30 years. He has published numerous articles in the scientific literature. Deeply dedicated to exploring the mysteries of human behaviour from fresh, uncharted waters, his research in evolutionary psychology and its impact on health, happiness and the pursuit of pleasure is generating critical acclaim. 

Upcoming Book

Esteem Dynamics is a new approach to motivation and well-being pioneered by Doug Lisle and Jennifer Howk. Their upcoming book introduces a biologically-grounded perspective on human nature, with accompanying insights into how to improve your life. The book is a wide-ranging exploration of modern life’s remarkable opportunities—and its unusual traps. Topics include self-confidence, self-esteem, romance and sex, career choice and challenges, child-raising, marriage, friendship, health and wellness, and more.

The solution to one of the greatest mysteries of the ages—the puzzle of individual differences in the human personality—is explained in detail.

Through the uniquely precise lens of evolutionary psychology, the authors explore a revolutionary approach to making better choices to help you in your pursuit of the best that life has to offer. On the website you will find a plethora of information to keep you in tip top condition, physically and mentally. 

The Living Wisdom Library

This is a treasure trove that offers either a public or members collection brimming with podcasts, webinars and audios. 

As always, please join Bill and I in service for a healthy world for humans an nonhuman like.

In good health


Why Veganism Matters - Professors Gary L. Francione & Anna Charlton

Why Veganism Matters - Professors Gary L. Francione & Anna Charlton

I admire all who use their voice for the greater good for humans and nonhuman alike. This week, my guests on Marlene & Friends are two of my most favourite people on the planet who do exactly that. As world leaders and the most proactive scholars of animal rights theory Professors Gary L. Francione and Anna Charlton answer my questions in their usual passionate way. This fun-loving interview presents how easy it is to go vegan, how to engage and educate others and much more.

They are the truth tellers of animal rights and their decades of relentless work, writing, lecturing and sharing their simple approach teaches us that going vegan is easier than ever. They have written countless books over the years and I am delighted to share that Gary L. Francione has another fantastic book coming soon demonstrating that veganism is a moral imperative and a matter of justice. As Professor Francione has said many times over the years, we need a revolution of the heart and as each year passes the need for this grows stronger. 

Why Veganism Matters

Professor Francione shows that there is a contradiction in thinking that animals matter morally if one is also not vegan, and he explains why this belief should logically lead all who hold it to veganism. Professor Francione dismantles the conventional wisdom that it is acceptable to use and kill animals as long as we do so “humanely.” He argues that if animals matter morally, they must have the right not to be used as property. That means that we cannot eat them, wear them, use them, or otherwise treat them as resources or commodities.

Why Veganism Matters presents the case for the personhood of nonhuman animals and for veganism in a clear and accessible way that does not require any philosophical or legal background. This upcoming book offers a persuasive and powerful argument for all readers who care about animals but are not sure whether they have a moral obligation to be vegan.

On their website How Do I Go Vegan you will find everything you need to go vegan. Nutrition, recipes, books, product guides, videos and mentoring is also available. It's an incredible resource and everything is free. 

Veganism Is Not A Sacrifice - It Is A Joy

On their other website Animal Rights The Abolitionist Approach there are podcasts from Gary and Anna demonstrating just how easy it is to start a conversation about veganism, and many wonderful essays to read. On no other website on veganism will you find such comprehensive material. As I tell all my students, it only takes one grain of sand to turn the tide. Learn from these two distinguished professors, use your voice for the voiceless, go vegan and educate others

As always, please join the evolution with Bill and I as we continue to push out daily with our human ecology project. The world needs YOU right now. 

In good health




Healthy Hormones For Disease Prevention With Neal Barnard MD

Healthy Hormones For Disease Prevention With Neal Barnard MD

Neal Barnard MD our much loved fellow vegan is a Doctor, researcher, founder and president of Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine and Barnard Medical Center. As a pioneer, musician, author, teacher, friend and much more, he is simply one of the nicest people I know and has a heart the size of Goliath. In my interview with Dr. Barnard we cover many aspects of hormonal health and how to balance your hormones with food. 

Dr. Barnards latest book Your Body in Balance: The New Science of Foods, Hormones, and Health is a fantastic resource for men and women alike. Hidden in everyday foods are the causes of a surprising range of health problems: infertility, menstrual cramps, weight gain, hair loss, breast and prostate cancer, hot flashes, and much more. All of these conditions have one thing in common: they are fuelled by hormones that are hiding in foods or are influenced by the foods we eat. Your Body in Balance provides step-by-step guidance for understanding what's at the root of your suffering-and what you can do to feel better fast. Few people realize that a simple food prescription can help you tackle all these and more by gently restoring your hormone balance, with benefits rivaling medications.

Animal Testing

As a long-time vegan, Dr. Barnard and his team at PCRM work tirelessly with government and industry to replace the use of animal tests with modern methods to test the safety of cosmetics, chemicals, pesticides, drugs, and other products. Through lobbying, publishing research, training scientists, and attending and conducting scientific meetings, the Physicians Committee is dedicated to the goal of eliminating the use of animal testing across the globe.


Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Physicians Committee has advocated for the use of nonanimal research methods in the search for treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19 and in the study of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2).

California - Cruelty-Free Cosmetics

In 2018, the Physicians Committee co-sponsored the Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Act, which California signed into law. The law will make it unlawful for cosmetic manufacturers to sell any cosmetic in California if the final product or any component of the product was tested on animals after Jan. 1, 2020, with some exceptions for regulatory requirements. The Physicians Committee continues to work for federal reform that will eliminate animal testing for cosmetics.

Music Unites The World

Aside from the huge amount of research and work Dr. Barnard does daily with PCRM and Barnard Medical Centre, he composes music with his band Carbon Works. Raising awareness for humans to connect the dots to our animal kingdom and to bring some much needed calm to the world he wrote this beautiful lullaby. You feel better simply by being in the room with Dr. Neal Barnard, and therein lies the truth and depth of his soul.

Please join us in service for a healthy world for humans and nonhumans alike. The world needs YOU, right now.

In good health




John McDougall MD On COVID-19 and Climate Change

John McDougall MD On COVID-19 and Climate Change

No one lives in a vacuum. We are all influenced by our experiences, our study and by the people we meet. Dr. John McDougall has been one of my mentors and a source of inspiration since I came across his work in the late 90's. His accomplishments could fill a book on its own. He is a wise and trusted teacher who speaks the truth. Dr. McDougall shares intellectual curiosity, enormous energy, perseverance and the ability to see the connections between things as you will see from his slide on this post and in our interview link here.

Dr. McDougall is the best-selling author of 13 books including the internationally acclaimed The Starch Solution a physician and nutrition expert who teaches better health through ‘It’s the Food’, he has been studying, writing and speaking out about the effects of nutrition on disease for over fifty years. He is the founder and director of the internationally renowned McDougall Program now available online. Dr McDougall has been one of the trailblazers of the movement away from an animal-based diet, and an outspoken critic of nutritional nonsense for decades. I call him the man of truth.

Climate Change

In this passionate interview Doctor McDougall refers to COVID-19 as the climate comet to unite humanity to avoid extinction and asks, "Shall we delay for a more serious calamity? COVID26? More time is not an option,." Dr. McDougall is back with even more fire in his belly to ignite a global conversation so please share this interview with family, friends, colleagues, and quite frankly anyone with a pulse. We must wake people up, there is nothing new under the sun. We have the answer in our hands, or on our plates so to speak. 

Everything is Connected

When we are driven by passion and not fear, everything falls into place. When nature is in jeopardy, we MUST take action. All living organisms exist as interconnected parts of the natural whole. No element is superfluous, not even the smallest insect or microbe. This entire system is sustained by natural energy of the elements. With climate change impacting our global environment in so many ways, it seems that nature herself is punishing us for the way we live.

For many people the shift to vegan eating is driven by environmental concerns. One of the most important aspects of our food choices is the impact that they have on the planet. It is a fact that some of the most critical influences on climate change and species loss are directly related to what we eat. A healthy diet should be sustainable and benefit all life, human and non-human alike. 

Dr. McDougall states quite categorically that if everyone changed to a vegan diet we would reduce C02 production as high as 80% and this is something we can all do. It's simple and easy to understand, it's cost effective. The man of truth is on the road to avoid species extinction. Planetary extinction can happen within the next 6 to 12 years and that is a direct quote from the world panel on climate change. A vegan world has been my vision for decades. 

Repetitive Injuries Cause Planetary Destruction

The analogy that Dr. McDougall's makes is that disease is a result of repeated abuse. Our continued abuse through poor diet and life-style is like throwing gasoline on the fire (the food). This is exactly the same way we should look at the destruction of our planet. We MUST stop the injuries.

Please visit Dr. McDougall's website for full details on the new online course 12-days to dynamic health. We owe him much.

Please join the evolution, the world needs YOU right now. 

In good health