One Of The World's Top Restaurants Goes Vegan
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One Of The World's Top Restaurants Goes Vegan


Since the global pandemic many have realised that not only has the world changed, but along with that millions of people have been awakened to the devastation of an animal based diet in more ways than one. One of the world's top restaurants, Eleven Madison Park in New York will re-open next month as a fully vegan restaurant. It is becoming ever clearer that the current food system is simply not sustainable in so many ways.

Even though more scientists are sounding the alarm, no leaders in any of the world's most powerful governments are properly heeding their warning. Many thousands of the world's scientists have been issuing formal warnings about climate change and other ecological disasters for almost thirty years. But they have all been ignored by those in power.

Go Vegan - It's The Answer

Common sense tells us that if we refuse to pay for animal products – we stop the demand – sales would plummet - industrial food systems have reduced food to “things, that can then be produced in the lab.
75% of the destruction of soil, water, biodiversity, come from industrial agriculture, it contributes 50% of the greenhouse gases driving climate change. Chemical agriculture does not return organic matter and fertility to the soil. it demands more water since it destroys the soil’s natural water-holding capacity.

Feed The World

We could feed the world with the grain we feed to livestock. If you believe as I do that, we are all connected, one billion of our brothers and sisters are starving, while one billion are eating themselves to death. If we eat food as grown as nature intended, we feed our gut biome with the most appropriate nutrients and create good health.
When many clients who have suffered with depression and other mental health issues change their diet, they say it’s like a veil has been lifted from their eyes. Happy gut, happy me, why? because we are in fact feeding the microbiome. 
To change your life to one of good health and longevity, help to reverse climate change, end the death and suffering of animals and be in service for a healthy world, please read our latest books How To Eat Right & Save The Planet and Go Vegan
In good health