Become A Health Coach with MACROVegan

April 25, 2017by Bill

Become A Health Coach with MACROVegan

April 25, 2017by Bill

Become A Health Coach with MACROVegan

MACROVegan Philosophy & Lifestyle

The topic of nutrition has become a bewildering landscape of cultural myth and vested interest. There is an urgent need for a new approach to human diet, one that cuts through the commercial PR, the political caution and the nutritional confusion.

The MACROVegan approach to eating addresses these concerns with a fusion of two important doctrines.  The first of these are the ecological insights of ancient Asian health care found in macrobiotic studies. This tradition points to the benefits of seasonal, regional and ecologically sustainable nutrition.

The second set of standards come from the ethic of the modern vegan approach to eating that drives the leading edge of contemporary nutritional science proven by both medical study and extensive epidemiological research.

The MACROVegan way of eating addresses the requirements for vibrant health as well as a delicious, diverse and socially responsible way of eating.

This philosophy offers a unique approach to self-transformation.  MACROVegan practice improves our energy, stamina and flexibility as well as our mental well-being and creativity.  It also enhances intuitive instinctual and intellectual abilities and opens us up to greater levels of spiritual growth.

Food – Food has a very powerful influence on our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.  For many of us, trying to work out what constitutes a healthy diet can be confusing.  This is where a MACROVegan approach can help.  Macrobiotics considers the energetic quality of food and uses the polarity of expansion and contraction – yin and yang, to create balance. The vegan approach has no animals for use in any areas of our lives.

Wholegrains are the staple food of the MACROVegan diet, which also includes a wide variety of vegetables and complementary foods such as legumes, vegetables, sea vegetables, fermented vegetables, miso, nuts, seeds, fruits and a variety of condiments.

Ideally, the foods are organic, fresh, seasonal and locally grown.  The unique art of macrobiotic and vegan cooking is in creating delicious meals adapted to individual needs.

Healthy Living – Is it Still Possible?

Modern living means that for many of us it is increasingly challenging to stay healthy. The good news is that it is possible. While problems such as environmental pollution, stress and the decreasing quality of food will not disappear overnight, there are still many positive choices we can make. After all, how we choose to live is our responsibility. The most important decisions we make are those which enhance our wellbeing on every level. Each day we choose to eat food that creates health or creates disease. A MACROVegan diet is a way forward for vitality and longevity.

Happiness is the endless realisation of one’s infinite dream. George Ohsawa

Life is really very simple: What you give you, you get back. Bill Tara & Marlene Watson-Tara

We look forward to welcoming you to the South of England to study with us.

In good health






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