ChiBall Yoga Surrey & Central London

February 22, 2018by Marlene

ChiBall Yoga Surrey & Central London

February 22, 2018by Marlene

ChiBall Yoga @ MACROVegan

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Yoga Mats & ChiBalls Provided 

ChiBall is a holistic mind-body wellbeing programme which uniquely combines the theory of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), Colour and Aroma Therapies and a synergy of six ancient and modern exercise modalities to promote harmony, balance and wellbeing.

Through the disciplines of Tai Chi-Qi Gong, ChiBall Dance, Yoga, Pilates, Feldenkrais Method and Deep Relaxation and Meditation the healing nature of the programme is focused through the medium of 6″ diameter coloured ChiBalls each infused with different mood-enhancing essential oils.

By tailoring the ChiBall Method to the natural cycle of The Seasons, both teachers and students journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle with their mind and body in harmony with the world around them.  ChiBall can be understood in a day, learnt in a week, but offers a lifetime of discovery.

What are the Principles of ChiBall™?

ChiBall is a balanced mind/body health and fitness concept based on TCM, colour and aromatherapy, and incorporates six main movement modalities:

There are four main concepts within Traditional Chinese Medicine that explain all aspects of life: –

Chi – Chi is our vital energy.  Chi can be depleted or become excessive through poor eating habits, poor lifestyle and negative emotions.  If the balance of Chi becomes irregular, disharmony occurs.  Stress and tension are the primary cause of the depletion of Chi.   Exercise followed by deep relaxation is an excellent way to re-balance the body, rejuvenate and consolidate Chi.

Yin and Yang – Yin and Yang are complementary opposite states of energy that are in constant motion, striving to achieve balance in all things.  Like nature the body is constantly moving, transforming and changing.  Imbalance occurs when there is resistance to this natural ebb and flow, causing an excess or deficiency of either Yin or Yang.

 The Meridians – The Meridians are invisible pathways within the body through which the life force flows to our internal organs.  An imbalance in one or more of these meridians weakens the entire body.  The internal organs are in a dynamic partnership with the meridian system, one of which is yin (the storage organs) and the other being yang (the hollow processing organs).  If a meridian is blocked it manifests as disharmony within the associated organ which can lead to disease and illness.

 The Five Elements of Nature – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water are five movements within nature through which the yin and yang energies are expressed.  Each element correlates with the five internal organ partnerships and the seasons having many unique characteristics that are direct reflections of all nature.  Our goal is to align our body’s energy and our life’s activities with these patterns of nature.

Our emotional state, diet and lifestyle are all important factors that build our distinct picture of health.  By studying these unique characteristics and associations, a practitioner of Chinese medicine can interpret our individual disharmonies, creating a map, which leads to a healthy state of balance.

According to Chinese Medicine, each season has a unique energy and purpose.  Spring has a rising energy and stimulates new growth and opportunities.  Summer has a radiant, dispersing and hot, vibrant energy.  Late summer, when we harvest the fruits of summer the energy is descending, nourishing and centering.  Autumn is a time to gather in and store for winter.  It is also a good time to clear clutter and make space for the hibernating nature of the season to follow.  The fifth season of Winter is a time for quiet reflection, stillness and inner contentment.

Our internal organs and body systems also resonate with each seasonal energy.  During each season the organs more or less present themselves for an annual service of internal cleansing and healing.  Exercises that move, massage, stimulate and stretch the organs and meridian channels have a deeply tonifying effect and with regular practice, can help us sustain a more balanced and harmonious state of health throughout the year.

The Chi Ball Exercises are based on the following five principles:

Traditional Chinese Medicine for energy, internal health and the concept of balance (Tai Chi and Chi Gong) is used to generate energy, mobility and flexibility using vigorous to gentle, slow, continuous movement patterns which aid detoxification and oxygen supply to the muscles.

Yoga increases strength, flexibility, concentration, balance and self-awareness.

Pilates develops core strength, supports the spine, stabilises the pelvis and increases the mobility of the joints.

Feldenkrais Technique, to teach us about relaxation and effortless movement patterns of childhood and cultivate the art of listening and letting go.

Deep Relaxation induces calmness of mind and body through deep breathing, visualisation techniques and meditation.

ChiBall strives to allow each participant to develop his or her own individual sense of well-being, balance and self-awareness so that they may lead a more satisfying way of life. I look forward to teaching you soon. In good health.

All classes are 1 hr 15minutes – Prices quoted are for 1 on 1 or (2 on 1) for couples

Monthly package 1 x weekly class      £80 x 4            = £320

Monthly package 2 x weekly classes £70 x 8            = £560

Monthly package 3 x weekly classes £60 x 12          = £720

*Add Plant-Based Nutrition & Cooking Classes or Health Consultation (POA)

Area covered – Surrey and Central London

In good health





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