Eating As If All Life Matters

January 30, 2019by Marlene

I know, I know. He’s my husband, but… Bill’s new book is incredible. He has really put the “macro” into a fresh approach to nutrition. Eating As If All Life Matters is the result of his fifty-odd years of study, experience, and insight. He has managed to combine all the issues that affect what we eat. He talks about the influence of medicine, politics, and nutritional mythologies, as well as how our diet affects the environment, social justice, and the mind and body connection. Most importantly, for me, is how he connects the dots in a way that is ethically consistent and points to a better future for all life on the planet.

This book goes deep – it’s almost 400 pages long (with 60 recipes from yours truly). Bill cites over 300 studies as well as his own personal story of health and healing to illustrate the text. You don’t have to believe me, though (I might be prejudiced).


“I would not hesitate to say that this is the best resource available in that it incorporates in a comprehensive way the connection between agriculture, animal welfare, environmental issues and the corporate abuses of big business. It is not only informative but a wake-up call.” Martha Clayton Cottrell MD FAAFP

Bill Tara is not just one of the pioneers of the health food movement, he is an expert on macrobiotic nutrition and veganism. He and his wife, Marlene Watson-Tara, are the “dynamic duo” of vegan macrobiotic instruction and coaching. But Bill is also a philosopher of health and nutrition, and an expert on all matters ecological. In this marvelous book, Bill displays all of his many talents, and shares his considerable wisdom in an accessible and engaging way.
Professors Gary L. Francione & Anna E. Charlton, Rutgers University

“This is a must read book for anyone concerned about the environment, suffering of animals and human and non-human health” Anteneh Roba MD, founder of the International Fund for Africa.

“Once we see the connections it is easy to see how we can heal our species and the world in one stroke.”Dr Nandita Shah, recipient of the prestigious Nara Shakti award, India’s highest award for women. 

“In no other book will you find such a comprehensive discussion of the five factors that should be driving our food choices – beginning with our own health – followed by respect for all life, the environment, social justice and the wisdom of ancient traditions”.  J Morris Hicks, author of Healthy Eating, Healthy World.


People sometimes ask what is different about what we teach at our workshops, coaching courses, and seminars. Eating As If All Life Matters is a perfect expression of our vision. We believe that social justice, health, and environment are all important aspects of nutrition and not simply side issues. Our commitment is to all life on the planet, human and non-human alike. This book shows why this must be if we are to survive.

Our life’s work inspires us daily, and together all of us can make a difference to change our world to one of peace for all who live here.

I have included links to U.K. and U.S.A. If you purchase the book, Bill would be very grateful if you could add a review. Thank you for your support in our work.

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