My Vegan ‘Wellness’ Revolution

March 23, 2018by Marlene

My Vegan ‘Wellness’ Revolution

March 23, 2018by Marlene

My Vegan ‘Wellness’ Revolution

As a life long advocate of health and wellness; (working as a 12 year old after school) merchandising the grains, beans and pulses in our local food store, (I think counts!!!!). As a 60 year old woman, I feel the same excitement about my life as I did sorting through all the beans and grains in the store.

The other day I came across a photograph of myself taken in the early 80’s when I was teaching Aerobics and  it made me laugh out loud. With matching headband, leg warmers and lycra to die for!!! I thought I was the cat’s pyjamas!!  Was that another addition to the start of my ‘wellness revolution’ phase I wonder? Getting people interested in health and not sickness, being a voice for our animal kingdom and doing what I can to heal our environment is what makes me tick.

Yin & Yang
Yin & Yang

When I commenced my studies in Traditional Chinese medicine, (which continue to this day), it opened up another world to me in terms of what I had been teaching in natural healthcare. There is one other difference between the Wellness Revolution and conventional health care. Much of what inspires the work done in wellness is a respect for ancient systems of understanding the body. It is interesting that centuries ago there was an understanding of how we work that can give us valuable insight into today’s problems.

Marlene Teaching Chiball

Moving my body every day is something I have never perceived as a chore. I am very fortunate to have taught many different aspects of physical fitness from a young age which eventually led me to teaching ‘ChiBall’ which I absolutely love.  My new dvd ‘Stretchcraft’ with ChiBall will be available later this year.

In India, China, Japan and other Asian countries, there was a very sophisticated appreciation of how the body worked. This system was based on recorded observations of sickness and health over centuries. What these ancients saw was that all the physical parts of the body – the bones, the organs, the tissue – comprised energy. Pretty neat. They knew what we now know, the body is a swirling sea of bioelectric energy.

They called this energy by different names – Chi, Ki, Prana – but they were describing the same thing. They knew that we are part of nature and that health is achieved when that natural exchange with our environment is balanced. The study of this exchange relative to health is called Energy Medicine.

When the flow of energy is blocked, we get sick. I always tell my students to keep their “valves wide open”, to be open to life. They sometimes laugh but they know it’s true. I used to sign off on my answering machine by saying, “Keep your valves wide open”. No matter what life throws at us, it is important to try and remember that ‘keeping our energy flowing’ is of paramount importance. If we remain static, we stay stuck.

To remain in balance we need to look at different areas in our life and what we eat on a day to day basis contributes greatly to that. Eating in the zone as I like to call it by adopting a wholefoods plant based diet is the way forward for health.  We eat from the environment, we are part of the environment and we must remember that, we are not separate. We are one. We are killing the soil with chemicals and pesticides. Soil and man are not separate.  I ask you all to please support those who work so hard in the organic food industry.  We need a revolution to save our planet, alleviate the suffering of our animal kingdom and create healthy humans. The world is so sick, how can we heal our world with such an epidemic of disease? Healthy people create a healthy world, sick people create a sick world.

USA Version of my book
USA Version of my book

In my book Macrobiotics for all Seasonsyou will find over 200 recipes, home remedies and medicinal teas to keep you in the zone….. available worldwide on amazon and book stores or downloadable from our online store.

I look forward to seeing you all at the ‘revolution’.

In good health




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