Home Cooking Recipes

Home Cooking Recipes


As many countries now find themselves in lockdown again, Bill and I wanted to reach out to you all to let you know we are here to offer any help or assistance you may require. For many who live on their own, the isolation of social distancing can feel rather overwhelming so it's a perfect time to have fun preparing tasty meals. Keeping your self busy doing something that will benefit your health, i.e. cooking delicious nutritious food is the way to go. 

Being in charge of what goes into the food you eat is the way forward to take care of yourself and your family. Changing your diet always means finding replacements for less healthy options. My goal is to share healthier and tastier alternatives to whatever your heart desires. If I could make everyone miso soup and short grain brown rice, greens, beans and a wee tasty treat daily, I would be in seventh heaven. That's the truth. I feel very lucky and privileged that my life's work has been about how to take care of myself, my family and friends, students and clients. 

Get Excited About Cooking Healthy Food

So many of you are incredibly creative, optimistic and possess great strength and courage to move through the days and months ahead. To inspire and support one another and to share our ideas of staying strong are very important. You can find many cooking videos with me on our TV Channel and  have fun cooking some great immunity boosting recipes that we love. These cooking class videos are filled with ideas to expand your repertoire in the kitchen and discover new whole-food plant based vegan meals.

Many people never cook their own food, they dine out, have carry-outs, home delivery etc., etc., and most of the time these foods resemble nothing to do with health. People are time starved, they work long hours and find it difficult to navigate cooking healthy meals. I want to simplify that for you. You can cook once, eat twice or three times, it's what I do. I have a very busy life and am not tied to the kitchen sink, trust me. We eat well, but I don't cook from scratch every day. 

Sharing is Caring

Please share our website where you can find lots of free recipes, free ebooks to download from our shop and share the links with family, friends and colleagues. It makes such sense to help and assist each other and is something we can all do right now to make the world a better place for all who live here, humans and nonhuman alike. My latest book Go Vegan is available worldwide on amazon. Filled with stunning photographs of 85 easy, affordable recipes for all the family to enjoy.

In good health