Prince William Launches Earthshot
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Prince William Launches Earthshot

Lost and Confused Signpost

Prince William launches £50m drive to repair the planet. The Duke of Cambridge has announced that £50m will be awarded over 10 years through his Earthshot prize, billed as “the most prestigious global environment prize in history”, which aims to find solutions to repair the planet by 2030. 

The Earthshot Prize will award five £1m prizes each year over the next decade. Prizes will be awarded in five categories: protecting and restoring nature, including saving species from extinction; tackling air pollution such that everyone in the world breathes clean air; reviving oceans and ensuring that they can be used sustainably; reducing waste by ensuring that “the leftovers of one process become the raw materials of the next”; and managing climate change by building a carbon-neutral economy. Each “Earthshot” is underpinned by scientifically agreed targets, including the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Individuals, groups of scientists or activists, businesses, governments, or even cities or countries may submit their proposals. So, as always, I write to them, I send our books How To Eat Right & Save The Planet being the question and Go Vegan being the answer. 

Keep It Simple

Why must we always look beyond what can be done today, right now, in your own kitchen, to me, that is what we need to be promoting. The biggest form of mass destruction to human health and the devastation that we witness daily to our planet lies at the end of our forks. Please watch and share Bill's short video on environmental damage and the food we eat

One of the major causes of climate change is the environmental damage caused by food production. The consumption of animal sourced foods is one of the main drivers of climate change and undermines both human health and creates a negative environmental impact. It all comes down to our food choices. We can choose food which is not only healthy but beneficial for environmental stability and sustainability or we can eat in a way which creates irreversible damage.

My Monthly YOGA Magazine Article

On another note, I have made a short video with my most asked for dessert from my Tasty Tips For Kids workshop.  A perfect treat for halloween for kids and adults alike. You will find my article on Vegan For Kids in this month's YOGA Magazine available globally. 

Join Us Online And Be A Much Needed Lighthouse

Our MACROVegan Online Coaching Course has got off to a fantastic start. It's something we have wanted to do for many years. COVID-19 pushed us along the path to make that happen and we have some fantastic reviews and powerful videos from students around the world sharing their experience of working with us online.

Please join Bill and I in service for healthy world for humans and nonhumans alike. It is our passion and pleasure to continually share our life's work and bring about change that our world needs. 

In good health