Step Into 2019 With A FREE Safe & Sustainable Weight Loss Programme
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Step Into 2019 With A FREE Safe & Sustainable Weight Loss Programme


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Our New Year Gift To You All - Download this £149 Course For Free
Ten years ago I created my first on-line course called Weight Loss Nature's Way. It then became Weight Loss with MACROVegan . The success for clients world-wide has been immense and it makes my heart sing to receive emails from people who have struggled their whole lives with health issues on their never-ending struggle to lose weight and keep it off. My programme is sustainable and enjoyable for everyone.
To celebrate this decade of success I have put a FREE FOR JANUARY CODE on our SHOPIFY store, so you can download this programme and help yourself or others to better health. The course includes 10 cooking class videos with me, educational tutorials, lifestyle tips and much more. Obesity and diabetes are increasing globally so if anyone in your circle of family, friends or colleagues are in need of help, please send this newsletter to them. Simply follow the instructions on the link, add to cart, then click checkout DO NOT CLICK ON PAYPAL. Click on apply and continue to payment method and complete order. You will then receive the course ready to download into your inbox. It's really that simple, you make the choice to start NOW.
Veganism Growing World-Wide
As a long-time vegan my joy of seeing the growth of veganism world-wide is so exciting. I have just finished my next book called Go Veganlaunching in March and our beloved friend Professor T. Colin Campbell has written the foreword.
I have also received fabulous reviews and endorsements for the book from super mentors such as Dr. Neal Barnard from the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicinein Washington. In the image above you can see Dr. Barnard with hundreds of doctors outside The White House lobbying for a vegan world. There are so many incredible folks around the globe doing great work to make a vegan world the "new normal". That is my wish and my goal that drives me daily. I am and always will be an eternal optimist. Education is the most powerful tool we have to change the world.
As we reflect on this past year, Bill and I do believe that our work and that of all who use their voice for our animal kingdom, the environment, human health and social justice has begun to make an impact.  We have many exciting projects happening in 2019 and thank you all for sharing and caring. Please make 2019 the year to #govegan and educate others on non-violent vegan advocacy. It is not a hardship being vegan, it is a great joy.
To create a healthy world, we must have healthy humans. Hydrate, exercise, eat plants and thrive. Wishing you all a happy new year, live long and prosper.
In good health