Vegan Dining On A Low Budget

Vegan Dining On A Low Budget


There is a huge misconception that it is expensive to eat a healthy plant based vegan diet. On the contrary, as I mentioned in earlier, blogs we hear from so many of our students and clients that they have saved heaps on their groceries since becoming vegan. Depending on where you live in the world, food choices vary, but vegetables, beans and grains are always available. 

You will save money being a vegan 

Eating this way is not an elitist exercise. While some of the recipes I create are special dishes (the kind of things I might cook for guests), most are simple to make and easy on the purse. 

Remember that grains, beans, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds form the largest part of your diet. These items can be purchased in bulk for the lowest cost, and generally go a long way. A cup of dry rice will convert to three cups of cooked rice. Beans are a similar value. If you are on a tight budget, simply make the most of the grains, beans and vegetables and you can still make nutritious and tasty meals. 

Explore different types of shops

Check out other stores that are specific to one community, Asian, Polish etc., as they often have a wider variety of grains and noodles and are usually less expensive than mainstream supermarkets. The most expensive items on your shopping list will be condiments, herbs and spices. These items will be used sparingly and only comprise a very small portion of your meal plan. You can build up your condiment section as you go. 

Staples such as soya/nut milk are similar in price to their dairy equivalents. However, supermarkets normally also offer their own brand plant-based milks, which are often cheaper than the own brand dairy equivalents. It's good to be a savvy shopper and check out the costs at your different stores. I found different prices for short grain brown rice at three stores, so obviously opted for the cheapest one.

Breakfast like a King

That's right! for 16p a day you can breakfast like a king and be a HEALTHY VEGAN. We enjoy the most delicious, nutritious packed breakfast every morning that fuels us through until lunchtime.  Here is how I do it. I purchase a 2kg back of organic short grain brown rice that is the equivalent of fifteen cups of rice. Each week I soak five cups of rice overnight and cook it the next day. One cup of rice yields three cups of cooked rice. I store this rice in a large glass dish in the refrigerator that lasts the week. Each day I take the required amount from the fridge and gently simmer with water or if you prefer, use a plant based milk. We both savour a huge bowl of rice with some fresh berries in season, seeds and nuts and ground flax every day. Once you really get into cooking in batches you will save so much money. You will find a host of other low budget recipes in my book Go Vegan 

Please go vegan and love all of life. The world needs you, right now.

In good health