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The topic of nutrition has become a bewildering landscape of cultural myth and vested interest. There is an urgent need for a new approach to human diet, one that cuts through the commercial PR, the political caution and the nutritional confusion.
The MACROVegan approach to eating addresses these concerns with a fusion of two important doctrines.  The first of these is the ecological insights of ancient Asian healthcare found in macrobiotic studies. This tradition points to the benefits of seasonal, regional and ecologically sustainable nutrition.
The second set of standards come from the ethics of the modern vegan approach to eating that drives the leading edge of contemporary nutritional science proven by both medical study and extensive epidemiological research.
The MACROVegan way of eating addresses the requirements for vibrant health as well as a delicious, diverse and socially responsible way of eating.

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MACROVegan Recipe


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There is an urgent need for a new approach to the human diet.

A modern and holistic approach to nutrition must address not only the physical requirements for vibrant health but also the ethical, environmental and social impact of what we eat. The MACROVegan Vision defines a clear and practical guide for the future of food.

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The MACROVegan Centre

The MACROVegan Centre is where we are teaching, learning and experiencing the power of health and healing.  This is where we apply the practice and principles of natural process – merging ancient wisdom, modern knowledge and common sense.
We are currently in search of the perfect premises to launch our project. There will be ample opportunities to reflect on our place in nature within our chosen location.