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Natural Body Natural Mind

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This book takes a radical look at why the healthiest society in history is producing a culture where degenerative disease, emotional stress and social discord are on the norm. it explores how our modern enchantment with technology and unlimited economic growth creates a gap between our everyday actions and our true human potential.

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Author: Bill Tara

Publisher: Xlibris, Corp. (11 Nov. 2008)

Pages: 174 pages

5 reviews for Natural Body Natural Mind

  1. Andrews, United Kingdom

    A book for our times! poetic language I am finding it a joy to read, makes a lot of sense to me. We are faced with many problems both our internal ecology and our world ecology is in a state of unbalance, Bill explains why and how we can change course, in a very clear and understandable way he lights the way. This approach fits with recovering our own health and that of our planet. Well done!

  2. Marie Freedman – United Kingdom

    I enjoyed reading this book . It is beautifully written and provides much food for thought and contemplation .

  3. Nuno Felix Teixeira – United Kingdom

    If you are interested in your own health and/or the planetary health, don’t miss reading Mr.Bill Tara’s most recent book! Mind opening enthusiastic thinking!

  4. M. E. R. – United States

    Bill Tara’s 40 years of experience as a teacher, organizer and director (of Kushi Foundation, for one) comes through strongly in this unique book. This is not a how-to or why-eat-rice book, rather its emphasis is on why we need to change ourselves now and how to see clearly the issues and choices before us. It is a call to action–both personally and socially–to make our lives whole again. With clarity and compassion, Bill shows us the key steps to dietary and lifestyle changes that can change our lives for the better. This book points to a way to manifest macrobiotics in our lives that can impact ourselves, others and the world at the same time. I highly recommend this book.

  5. William Wallace – United States

    Here is a book that firmly connects the mysteries of the mind with physical health. If you are interested in health and the human condition you will be happy you read it.

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