Oriental Diagnosis Course with Bill Tara Part II
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Oriental Diagnosis Course with Bill Tara Part II



Five Videos Session, facial diagnosis, hands and feet, eyes and tongue, self-diagnosis, online coaching session, workbooks.


Among the thousands of my students, Bill Tara is one of the few who has developed the deep understanding and art of healing.

Michio Kushi

When we see a person, we may be impressed by a number of different things. One of course may be their sex, it might be their age, it might be their race, it could be their physical attractiveness. All of these things are assembled in our minds and we respond to them or react to them. Usually without any thought process. Oriental Diagnosis teaches us to see differently – deeper.

Every person is a story, a walking representation of the life that they have led up to that point. The content of this course will give us a particular kind of insight into the links between body, mind and spirit. The specific focus is on the relationship between physical health and what we present to the world. It gives us the possibility to see and understand the reasons for external features, posture, gesture and many other aspects of behavior.

Bo Shin, the art of visual diagnosis is an invitation for us to take a step back and go deeper than the superficial impulsive response that may be normal. It can provide a framework for understanding ourselves and others.

Bo Shin can be a valuable tool for anyone. It provides insight for personal growth and self-awareness and is a useful modality for body workers, therapists and health coaches.

This course is offered in two sections:

Section Two consists of Five Videos


Part I and Part II include a Skype or Zoom call with Bill Tara to discuss the material and get questions answered.

Bill Tara has 50 years’ experience as a student and practitioner of Oriental Diagnosis. He has taught courses at the Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado, The Kiental Institute in Kiental Switzerland, and the Academy of Healing Nutrition in New York and Prague. He is on the faculty of The International Macrobiotic Institute of Portugal and has been invited to over 20 countries to present seminars on Health, Macrobiotic Nutrition, Diagnosis and Human Ecology.



  • Understanding Constitution
  • Yin and Yang energy in the Body
  • Five Transformation Energy Archetypes
  • The Body Mind Connection
  • Posture and Gesture



  • Understanding and Using the Face Map
  • Diagnosis of Hands and Feet
  • Diagnosis of Tongue and Eyes
  • Self-Diagnosis for Better Health


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